Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Purple Piper

During our week at the beach, it came out that Piper's most favorite color is purple. She likes it so much she even says it! (Now that's "saying" something!) She still can't say her "P" sounds yet, but she uses a "B" sound and it's pretty darn clear. I'm kicking myself now for getting her the pink Crocs instead of the purple ones for her birthday!

If you're offering her any kind of food, she asks for the purple ones. And the other day she noticed some purple nail polish on my vanity and she insisted I paint her toenails right away. All day yesterday she kept pointing to her toes and telling my MIL, "Nana, purple, mama!" She also was apparently very insistent on using the purple Playdoh when the kids played Playdoh yesterday morning as well. Last night when I put her down, she did her usual request for "docks" (socks) and when I went to put some pink ones on, she threw a fit asking for the purple socks.

I think this calls for a purple outfit for her 2 year old portraits later this week, huh? I bet I could come up with a Purple Piper tongue twister if I put my mind to it too.

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