Saturday, August 07, 2010

Photos and Hearing

Piper had a big Thursday and Friday this week. On Thursday night she had her 2 year photos taken.  She did okay and I'm actually surprised so many of them turned out okay since she was so unwilling to sit still and her smiles weren't the best when they needed to be.  And then the photographer's flash wouldn't work when she did give us a great pose and smile.  Oh well, it was only JCPenney so not like I'm spending a mint.  But they did turn out well and here is a collage of the good ones.  I didn't order all of these, only about 4 of them, but they're worth a look: (click on the image for a close up)

Then on Friday morning she finally had her hearing test that is a part of the speech evaluation - turns out her hearing is just fine so her speech issues don't seem to have anything to do with her hearing.  (As I expected.)  The gentleman doing the hearing test was really fantastic and Piper warmed up to him immediately and did pretty much everything he needed her to do.  I was a little wary when I saw it was an older man doing the test since she can be strange with men at times but this guy clearly knew what he was doing!  I was amazed at the techniques he had to assess her hearing!   So now we just continue on with speech - we've only had 1 session (thanks to our vacation and the SLP's vacation right in a row) but I can tell she's trying to say more words and I'm really working on trying to get her to use the sounds the SLP wants us to focus on.  Although I'd be lying if I said I kind of hope she's still having some speech issues when it comes time for preschool registration.  If she has speech issues then, she is an automatic entry, unlike Bryce who has no chance this year.

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Bracken said...

Beautiful Piper....great pictures.