Friday, August 20, 2010

Kid Update: Piper

I've been pretty low key on the blogging lately.  Just busy.  Summer is innately busier than the rest of the year since we seem to be home, or at least in the house, less.  So,  I thought I'd do an update on each kid over the course of the weekend.

Piper has met with the Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) 3 times now with another appointment coming up.  We're working on mostly just getting her to talk and utter sounds instead of pointing and making the "uh" sound.  Right now we are focusing on the B, P, W, N, H, T, D, S, and H sounds.  What makes me crazy is that she can clearly do the B and W sounds fine (um, Bubba, BeeBee, and Wawa) but then she won't apply them to new words.   She still says "bye" as "da."  Bad habit we are working on breaking it seems.  The SLP has lots of ideas on getting her to say things along with little games we can play to encourage the speaking.  For example we have a little pie puzzle to work on getting her to say "pie."  And then we are working on getting her to say "purr" with pictures of cats.  And then you will have "Pie-purr."  You know, Piper.  Ha.  She is so against saying her name.  She won't even say "me."  Who am I kidding, she won't say NO either?  What kid doesn't say no?  I think the most frustrating part in all this is with working with her you ask her a LOT of questions and you really try to get her to focus and come up with some kind of utterance.  Problem is, guess who answers all of the damn questions I ask before Piper even has a chance to breath?  Yep, her siblings.  Usually Bryce though.  No matter how often we tell him NOT to answer for Piper and talk about how important it is that she answer herself, he does.  It would be one thing if we were working on something and I could ask him to leave, but we are doing this Q&A thing constantly with her so you can't exactly make him go away altogether.  It makes me realize how much of Piper's speech issues might lie in the fact that no one ever lets her talk when asked a question.  Not that it's all of it though, but it's definitely a contributing factor.

Thankfully, my neighbor up the street has a 5 year old daughter, S, who has been in speech therapy since she was Piper's age and has really come a long way.  She's been great to talk to and she agreed with me the other night when I was venting about my troubles with someone always talking for Piper because she only had one child when S was having her speech issues.  S speaks fairly well now although she's still got some issues and there are times when I can't completely understand her.

Other than the speech, Piper is doing well.  It's very obvious how she doesn't realize she is only 2 years old. She goes right along with the big kids.  Last week at a party where there were a lot of kids running around, the other kids her age (all oldest children in their family) kind of played by themselves whereas Piper was right in the mix of all the older kids.  She didn't miss a beat running to and fro.  She's definitely been socialized differently than Caroline was!

She's also still trying to pull the old diaper Houdini act.  She managed to get her onesie off today at nap time but my MIL caught her before she peed anywhere.  Is it going to get cold soon so we can start putting sleepers on her backwards?  I'm seriously considering duct tape for sleepy times on the diaper.  I've also wondered if maybe she would have some interest in potty training and put the old potty chair out.  She'll sit on it but mostly she thinks it's pretty funny.  We'll see though, we're just letting her sit on it a night before bath time.  It's bound to happen eventually, right?

 I know there's more about her to tell, I just can't think about it at the moment.  I am sure she's going to be a little lonesome in the next few weeks as Caroline goes back to school and Bryce starts a new pre-k program for 2/3 of the day.  Not that she won't love all the attention she gets from Nana.  Kid's like a puppy - she can't get enough.

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