Monday, August 23, 2010

Kid Update: Caroline

Miss Caroline, my goodness how you are changing!  Hard to believe we'll be going to Back to School/Welcome Night for FIRST GRADE on Thursday!  (Her ES is trying something new this year with doing a combined welcome and BTS night rather than 2 separate events.)  We're not 100% sure of her teacher but know which room she'll be in and have a guess that it's the same teacher that was in that room last year, of course that could change and no matter which of the 3 teachers it could be, I have no idea what is good or bad. Her biggest worry though is that she found out at the end of the year that the "bad kid" of all 4 kindergartens was going to be in HER class.  This is the kid, we'll call him "A", that has a father that works at the school as some kind of resource teacher and he is still BAD. Like spoiled brat bad, according to Joey's mom who had him in his class this past year.  Honestly, I think Caroline will be fine, but I know she's a little anxious that he might bug her.  I told her just to ignore him and he will be fine. 

Anyway, Caroline has had quite a summer.  She's swimming more like a fish than ever before.  She reminds me of how I was in the pool. She just swims around and entertains herself by doing all kind of flips, twists, and underwater moves.  It's like she's a mermaid that just has to come up for air every so often.  She's certainly going to miss it in a few weeks when cooler weather sets in and pool season is over.  I know I'll miss how good a job it does of tiring her out!

As we approach the big SEVEN (oh my gosh that's old!), I'm noticing how mature Caroline is becoming although she still has a lot of little kid qualities.  Spending a week at the beach with Zoe, who is only 8 months older but a year ahead in school, definitely made her feel more grown up.  That's not to say she doesn't have her moments of acting like a little kid - especially when she's upset or not getting her way.

One of the things that is hardest for Caroline is that her two younger siblings are relentless with talking and attention grabbing behavior.  I can't tell you how often I will be in the middle of a conversation with her when Bryce or Piper butt in.  Sometimes, much like her father, I can tell she just doesn't even bother talking at dinner because she knows it's not worth the trouble.  Many times I've had to tell her that no matter what Bryce or Piper say, I'm not listening to them, I'm listening to HER.

She spent the day at work with me on Friday which was a really nice day.  She gets all jumpy and overly excited when new people would come in but when it was just her in the office with me, she was fine.  She loved that we had a Panera date and we talked about how girls love Panera the best - she totally agreed with me.  I love having grown up conversations with her!  When we got back, she proceeded to pretend she was my office mate and typed on my laptop and answered the "phone" and told all the pretend grad students to leave us alone!   I told her she needs to come to work with me more often. She was very excited I let her wear my computer glasses too - I thought she looked rather mature and adorable in them myself.

As expected, she continues to be into clothes and won't leave the house in anything she deems ugly.  She always has her hair "done" with a variety of clips and bands.  She recently figured out how to put a hair elastic in herself and prides herself on doing it as soon as she wakes up.  She also has a new interest in going earring-less now that she's had her ears pierced for almost a year but we had to nip that in the bud after it looked like one was getting infected.  She's still begging to wear little hoops but I won't allow it since I know a hoop is more likely to get pulled out.  Maybe in a few more years.  Although I won't let her wear big ones like she thinks are so pretty.

Last night I was looking at her kindergarten photo and can't believe how much she's changed.  The longer hair is really a big part of it but so is her attitude.  Not that the photo was ever really representative of her spirit at the time, but you can just see how kindergarten has brought her out even more.  I wonder what this year's photo will look like?!?  She just looks so much older now and you can see how long and thin her legs have become.  There's not much baby left in her now although her skin is still super soft and her little hands still have some dimples. She's also still got all her baby teeth firmly!  No signs of adult teeth or any loose ones.  Will we get one more non-toothless school photo? In addition to physically growing, she's also stopped biting her nails on her own accord and has pretty much stopped the nasty nose picking as well!  She's still sucking her thumb, but I'm pretty sure she's going to need braces one day anyway, so I'm not that concerned.  She'll stop when it's time.  That's pretty much Caroline to a T - everything in her own time.  Do not rush her and everything will turn out okay, just not necessarily at the time you wanted it.

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