Monday, August 09, 2010


Maybe I'm the one who is going to throw the tantrum tonight.  Why you ask?  Well, we are pretty much without water AGAIN!  The damn water main that broke back in December and then was turned off for an entire day in April to fix it, is still really not fixed and broke AGAIN.  We have lived here for over 7 years and lost water more times than I can count - I think we've only lost power a handful of times.  Power, I can handle a brief interlude, not water.  (Although it's considerably less boring w/o water and the kids aren't freaking out as they would have w/o power.)

The latest report says it might be on at 2pm tomorrow.  That throws a wrench into all kinds of plans.  Because of my ILs being on vacation this week, my sister has kindly offered to help us tomorrow so Jay and I don't have to take off.  The plan had been for them to hang out here all day.  Knowing it is going to be super hot, I blew up the splash pool and let it soak with OxyClean to get the nastiness out of it with plans to clean it out tonight.  Heh, no sprayer.  Grrrr.  So the plan B (glad I have a plan B) is that I'm going to get the kids up early and take them to my mom's and meet Chrissa there.  The only thing with her taking care of them there is there is so much more for me to have to tell her about being there with them - especially with the pool.  (Not that I don't think she can handle it, I just feel all OCD telling her so many lame-o details - like make sure you put a onesie on Piper before naptime or ew!).  Plus, Piper in the pool is a bit of an, um, handful???  I know I'm exhausted after a day at the pool with them.  Again, Chrissa is a megawoman so I know she'll be fine.  She might never speak to me again but the kids will be fine.

I didn't even go into details with her about the stupid sunscreen.  Like which kid can have which sunscreen and which to put on faces.  Man, putting that in writing makes me feel like a real crazed lunatic.  But if you put anything other than the one kind on their faces, it burns their eyes and you're limited by what you can put on Bryce without him breaking out in rash.  And that same magic stuff is almost gone.  Man, I wish I'd stopped and bought another can of the spray.  Crap.

So off to bed and fill up my toilet with a bucket of water I've so carefully filled with the trickle coming from my faucet.  I'm still planning on getting up early to exercise, I'll just take a quick shower at my mom's.  Great, more stuff (my own) to pack.

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