Thursday, August 26, 2010

Grilled Veggie Sandwiches - YUM!

I admit it, I was very skeptical about how good these would be.

California Grilled Veggie Sandwiches

Wow.  That's all I can say.  Wow.  Totally delicious.  I like grilled veggies but just couldn't fathom that they would be as good as all the reviews said they would be.  Even Jason said he'd like to have them again.  A meatless meal the 2 of us can agree on - that's a winner.  (Not so much a winner with the kids though - they thought they were gross but I think if they'd actually not focused on the fact that they were veggie sandwiches, they would have liked them.)

The thing that makes them soooo good is the feta and mayonnaise mixture.  I used some really good sandwich rolls as opposed to the focaccia it called for.  I also decided to just do the part of the rolls in the broiler instead of on the grill.  As for what it says about the veggies and how to cook them on the grill - nope.  Just threw them in the grill basket.  EASY! 

The only thing I'd do differently next time is add some fresh mushrooms (maybe marinated portabellas) to the mix because we love them so much.  I'm so excited because there was enough for me to pack the fixings for another one in my lunch today!  Mmm, mmm, mmmm!!!!  Don't be a skeptic - TRY THEM!


Unknown said...

I just added them to my recipe box on Allrecipes! I love that site. Thanks ;-)

Lauren said...

I make grilled veggie sandwiches often- using most of the same ingredients. However, I usually spread chevre (goat cheese) on make a balsamic reduction to drizzle over the veggies. I'll have to try the feta/mayo spread!