Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A Good Choice

I almost forgot this story in the realm of Bryce and his new found egg containing foods at the beach. On Monday evening, Jay and I took Bryce and Piper into Duck for some souvenir shopping and the promise of ice cream.  (Caroline chose not to go because she wanted to stay home and play with Zoe.)  Bryce was very excited to get ice cream since his choices have been severely limited in the past since a great deal of ice cream contains eggs.  So after picking out his beach souvenir (a rubber snake he named Beater), he was on the prowl for ice cream!!! 

We picked a place that had all homemade ice creams and when I read Bryce the choices and he immediately picked "Lemon Dream."  Jason was a little skeptical about it, but the boy gets what the boy wants!  Jay got some chocolate soft serve in a cone and Piper had some vanilla soft serve with rainbow sprinkles.  Bryce tasted his ice cream and said it was good, so of course, I had a taste and WOW!  It was so good!  Creamy and lemony - Jason said it tasted like these lemon cooler cookies his mom used to make.  I told him he made a good choice and he got a good laugh out of that because usually we talk about bad choices (hitting your sister, not listening, etc).  So we sat and ate the delicious ice cream and Jason, as usual, splattered a little bit of chocolate on his yellow shirt.  Bryce was quick to tell Jason that had he gotten some of the lemon ice cream instead, he wouldn't have any marks on his shirt because the ice cream and the shirt matched! 

So another triumph with no fear of eggs!

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