Friday, August 06, 2010

Front Door - Before/After

Totally worth the money and hopefully this will be the door we have for a looooooong time!  The light it lets in is absolutely lovely and I'm so happy not to have to use sheers on the side lights anymore for privacy.




Heather said...


Viv said...

Looks great!

[We did the same thing with our sidelights and transom and was so glad to get rid of the curtains covering them! We actually got a solid door since we have the big transom above and we got a full sidelight. Did you keep your same storm door? (it looks like it)]

Viv said...

And the white door looks great with your house! (our new siding is tan and we decided to go with a reddish door and shutters since we were redoing everything - old house was dirty old grayish blue with navy shutters and door with light colored brick)

Bracken said...

Love it