Thursday, August 12, 2010


I was taken back to this day in our history the other day.  It was Sunday, August 8 - exactly 2 years since the Beijing Olympics started.  Exactly 2 years since we sat around for a week and watched the wonder of Michael Phelps swimming his way to 9 gold medals.  2 years since I sat planted to the couch each evening nursing a fussy baby and telling myself how well I was going to remember that week - what I was doing and what I was watching.  Truly a historical moment to me.  I'll never forget watching that crazy men's butterfly race and thinking Michael Phelps had lost and trying not to rouse Piper when I got all excited that he hadn't!

So on Sunday, 8/8/10, it was only fitting that we got home from an afternoon of swimming at my mom's to sit and watch the US National Swimming competition and we all sat around and watched Michael Phelps swim. (He lost.)  I had Piper on my lap and it just seemed funny to be doing pretty much the exact same thing although not nursing her, but she's still pretty darn wiggly.  Weird that Michael Phelps is synonymous with her early babyhood though.

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