Thursday, August 05, 2010

Door Day

Jason is off today with the kids since my IL's are on a trip and today is the big day of our front door replacement/installation. We had Pella come out a few months ago for an assessment and estimate and we ordered it on the spot. Our front door unit has never been right since we moved in 7 years ago despite the fact that the builder had it "fixed" twice within the first year and a half.  Crappy subcontractors the first time and then a sub par job the second time.  On the day we settled we had problems locking the deadbolt without having to lift up on the door handle.  We also had issues with water getting in around it since they did a bad job with the flashing initially.  That was fixed but in the meantime the water damage we sustained caused some problems.  And then, because our door is navy (to go with our shutters) and the house gets afternoon sun (HOT!), the door has gotten warped.  Unfortunately we don't have any kind of cover over the door so it gets the full brunt of the heat - sometimes it gets so hot in the summer, you could burn yourself on it!

When we initially started thinking about replacing it the guys we spoke to at Lowe's told us we really need to have a white door to keep the heat down and all the problems associated with it.  So we picked out a lovely fiberglass door from Pella with leaded glass sidelights and a leaded glass half moon at the top of the door. 

The workman arrived just after 8am and started working.  Jason says they are already putting the new one in.  Here's a photo he sent me on his phone of the kids watching the door drama!  I guess it's better entertainment than a movie?

So just waiting to hear now how things progress.  They have to fix the siding all around the door as well so that will take some time.  I'm just glad that the gaping hole is pretty much closed up already.  On a day as hot and humid as it's supposed to be today, that's a good thing and I'm sure Jay will be ready to get the AC back on.

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Heather said...

Oooh, can't wait to see the new door!