Saturday, August 07, 2010

Don't Feed the Tantrum

This is the new parenting motto I came up with while waiting out a humdinger of a tantrum brought to us by our darling 6 1/2 year old this evening. 

"Don't feed the tantrum."

Much like you don't want to feed stray animals because they will keep coming back, you don't want to feed the tantrum for short term and long term reasons.  

I'll go into it more later, but suffice it to say I had over 40 minutes to think this one out and I didn't raise my voice once at her even though I was stewing inside.  Instead I sat outside the door and did deep breathing and stretching.  Maybe that will be my new tantrum strategy - will I get limber yet????  At the rate Caroline is going lately at bedtime, it may just be in the cards.


Heather said...

UGH! Oh no! I like that motto...I have found ignoring Gretchen's tantrums to be very helpful...I usually say, "You just let me know when you are ready to listen to Mommy...." and then walk away until she is done. I know when she is done because she always asks for a tissue!!

Heather said...
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Katie said...

You stayed calm during a tantrum? That is AWESOME! I know how difficult that is to do. I will try the yoga approach-- deep breathing and stretching-- when Em has her next one. We can be each other's support systems b/c I this tantrum phase is sooooo stressful-- and I think Em & C may have similar type tantrums. I hate it.

Erin said...

This is my tantrum tact as well and I find it works quite nicely. Sometimes they just need to get it out of their systems!