Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dear Bryce,

Please do NOT have another day tomorrow like you did today.  I am spent.  Please sleep past 6:30 and please do not hit your sisters just because you are angry at them or something that daddy or I did.  Please do not thrash around and end up hurting yourself.  Please do not lie to me and tell me how much you have to go to the bathroom when you are in time out and then really not have to go.  Oh and if you do throw a tantrum can it be less than 20 minutes this time instead of around 90?  Please stop hanging all over me too.  I love you very much but sometimes there is only so much a mother can take.

Your Mother


Bracken said...

Jenna and I would like to borrow your blog to represent our day with Sydney. is it a full moon? Hope your day tomorrow is much better!

Katie said...

Sadly, I have been there and probably will be there later today with Emily Rose.
Tough stuff.
Hang in there, Momma!

Heather said...

Oh dear. Hope today was better.

Heather said...
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