Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Birthday Boy

Bryce turns FIVE in a week and a half!  My goodness.  I cannot believe my baby boy is turning 5.  Although in many ways he's acting more and more like a 5 year old every day.  That Jamie Lee Curtis book - It's Hard to Be Five is dead on for him right now. We'll have to transfer it over from Caroline's room to his!

But the bigger question right now is what to get him for his birthday.  We're taking him to the Ironbirds game the night before (although every time we bring it up he says he doesn't want to go!) and we already gave him his new bike back in May, but I want to have one or two other small things for him on his actual day.  Plus I know my mom and MIL want to get him some things.  Clothes are always a good gift this time of year with fall coming but you can't give a little boy just clothes.

Until this weekend he'd been obsessed with this infomercial on TV - Wandarama - but after doing some research it turns out the thing is a piece of crap.  (It breaks quickly or it really never works well.)  So other than that, I have no ideas!  We keep asking him and he's clueless, not that he truly needs anything either.  I just wanted to get him something that was fun to actually do instead of just a toy.  Seeing how much he likes infomercial stuff though (after last year's Touch and Brush), maybe this is a good idea?  Fushigi (Although that got bad reviews too.  Imagine that, a TV infomercial product is a piece of crap?)

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