Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Amazing Swimming Piper

I can't remember if I've talked about this or not but Piper is a water baby! She loves to swim and has no fear. Here's a little video my dad put together of her swimming in their pool along with the pool at the beach last week (low res, but you get the idea). She's doing actual strokes now, the only issue is getting her head above water to take a breath. Once she is doing that, she'll be swimming like crazy!  You also get to see at the end of the video, Bryce swimming.  This child would not swim without his swimmies a month ago and now he is a bona fide pro!  He said he wanted to swim under water so we told him to wear goggles, showed him the strokes and he did it.  Crazy!


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Bracken said...

I am so impressed with Piper. That is just amazing. Sydney finally has taken her swimmies off and it getting better each day. She also does much better with her goggles on.

Unknown said...

Too cute. She has no fear! She wants to be like her big brother and sister ;-)