Saturday, August 28, 2010

10 Years Later....

Yesterday when my MIL came to watch the kids she said that Big Dad (my FIL) had a picnic planned and she didn't know where they were going. So you can imagine my surprise getting home to hear that the kids had been to Rockfield Manor to see where Jason and I were married 10 years ago!  And best of all, they took photos!!  So since we got married back in the dark ages (2000) and we have very few digital images from our day, I had to break out the old album and scan a few photos for a little comparison:

The stairs:

The main room:

(edited out the mirror flash)

The front of the house:

Back when we booked Rockfield, it was just starting to become a wedding venue but since then it has become a full fledged place to get married in Harford County.  I remember how we had to find our own rental company for chairs and such but now they have it all set up or at least with recommended vendors.  We only had our ceremony there as they really didn't do receptions at the time and now they do both.  I'd always wanted to take the kids there and was so pleased my ILs did - such a thoughtful (and fun) thing to do!  Although I would like to go back there myself sometime.

After visiting RM, they took the kids to Friends Park down the road where we had originally planned to have our ceremony.  But after realizing we'd be up a creek if it rained and there's hardly any parking, we decided to have it RM which was a good thing since it did rain that day and we ended up having to have it inside rather than in the RM garden.

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Unknown said...

That is really cool to have past and present photos. Especially the ones with the kids. Awesome idea!