Friday, July 09, 2010

Young Rembrants

Yesterday, my MIL took the big kids to a free Young Rembrants drawing activity at our local public library that's part of the Summer Reading Program.  (They've been to the Bubble Lady already and have a few more events coming up before school starts - I love this program!)  This particular program required registration so I signed them up last week and Caroline was looking forward to it - Bryce was already saying he didn't want to go. 

So the day arrived and BOTH kids were saying they didn't want to go.  No, not saying it, CRYING it.  Ugh.  Hats off to my MIL who put her foot down and said they were going!  Apparently Bryce cried the whole way there.  But then they got there and MAGIC, they LOVED it!!  The class was teaching kids about step by step drawing and apparently both kids got the attention of the teacher, especially Bryce's ability at not quite 5 years old.  Caroline even made a friend who is the same age as her - she was thrilled.  Of course she has no way of getting in touch with the girl again, but a friend is a friend, right? 

When I got home, they were still abuzz about it and I was very impressed by their drawings (I'll post photos later).  I can't say enough about the BCPL summer reading activities!


Erin said...

We were at the library today and i saw a poster for the water magic guy... that one looks awesome too!!!

Viv said...

We tried to see the Bubble Lady and there was a line around the building on a 90+ day about 1 1/2 hours before the show for tickets. I said no thank you and went elsewhere - I heard the tix were gone at 1:15 for a 2 pm show plenty of people got turned away - big bummer cause it sounded very cool! I should have gone when she was at the other local lib the week before but I like the lib I tried to go to better (that's what I get for being a snob, I guess HA!)