Monday, July 12, 2010

Where Does My Family Work Day

My mom has the kids on Mondays and in an effort to keep them from the monotony of just swimming while at her house, she has scheduled special days of activities with them.  Last week (well, June 28) was flag painting day.  And today, is Where Does My Family Work Day.  They are starting the day at my sister's school where, even though not in session, has a fully functioning garden that my sister and her volunteers are attending to over the summer so it will be in full bloom/fruit when the students return in late August.  Then after that, they are visiting the pediatric clinic my mom works in where I think they will be getting their height and weight measured (they did this 2 summers ago and LOVED it!).  And then, they will be visiting me at work!  We're doing a picnic too.  I can't wait for them to get here!!!  My mom offered to visit Jason at work too but he quickly turned that down.  Heck, he's been there 9 years and I've never been inside the building.  Maybe he's spy?  I told her they could drive by on their way home though and she could point the building out to the kids. 

Caroline was VERY excited about today.  She was up before 7am talking to herself while she picked out her outfit.  Last night before bed we went through all of her summer dresses so she didn't forget any of them and noted how pretty they are.  So you can imagine my feelings of "ugh" when I looked in at her wearing one of her winter corduroy jumpers without the shirt underneath.  "I just haven't worn these in soooooo long and this one has pockets and you know, Bertie might give us stuff and then I can put it in my pockets."  I only reminded her that she was going to be outside and that the corduroy might get hot.  I did tell her she looked pretty though and I gave her one of my old purses to carry since she was so insistent on having something to carry things in.  I called my mom as she was on the way to her first destination this morning and she quietly told me that Caroline had decided to change her outfit - I'm pretty sure it's the lovely ladybug dress but without the tennis shoes!   I really need to stash all of her out of season clothes every season because she seems very drawn to the ones she should not wear.  She was wearing one of her summer dresses around the house on the day of the blizzard and she's been known to wear her sherpa boots in the middle of summer.  But alas, that would mean having some kind of closet in the basement, which we do not currently have.

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