Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Unsinkable Piper Chloe

I really wish I had a photo or video to go with this, but alas, on the 2nd swimming day in a row, I decided to leave the camera at home.  We had a lovely July 4th at my mom's house.  We were joined by close family friends who might as well be family and swam the HOT day away!  Wonderful food, drinks, and hospitality are always a part of my parents' celebrations! Kids were up super late again but it's worth it when they go to sleep early and sleep in the next day.  We also had an impromptu birthday celebration for Piper since many of the important people in her life were there that day.  We sang happy birthday, she blew out her candles for the first time, and opened prezzies - all of which she clearly understood.  My baby is getting so big!  It was a great day, but also tiring with all the activity.  So on Monday, we got ourselves together and rolled back to my mom's to immerse ourselves in her pool knowing it was going to be near 100. 

Piper napped the first part of our swimming time and when she got up, she was ready to go.  When she got into the pool with me, she immediately started trying to wiggle free of my hands so that she could "swim" freely.  She was really watching Caroline splash all around, do flips, and swim, so I think she wanted to play along.  After continuing to wrangle with her trying to get away from me, I told her I would let her go to see what would happened.  We counted down and I gently released her.  She sunk down a little and then all of a sudden, she surfaced!  I grabbed her up, hugged her and we all cheered!  She had kicked herself back up with her big, brown eyes wide open and her mouth in the biggest smile.  I did it a few more times with the exact same result - my water baby!!!

So then I took her over to the top step of the ladder where she had most recently just been jumping into my arms.  But this time, I let her just jump into the water.  She jumped, went down, and up she came kicking and moving her arms.  Eyes wide open and mouth smiling!  Every time, she clapped proudly.  She did this for at least an hour with imposed breaks by me from time to time.  She even started jumping in from the side!  And a few times, she would play around on the ladder and let herself go just to see what would happen.  I'm telling you, this child is part fish.  No fear.  (Which does scare ME a little!) 

The good thing about this too is that when I would get out of the pool, she knew she couldn't get in.  She would throw a little mini-tantrum, but she clearly understands that someone needs to be in the pool to retrieve her since she can't completely surface and get a breath of air yet nor truly stay above water for long.  But she's clearly on the path to swimming.  She won't have anything to do with swimmies or any other kind of flotation device either so I'm thinking she might just transition to swimming without ever really using them.  Bryce on the other hand, is a bit addicted to his swimmies and is only letting me do brief non-swimmy swim sessions with him from time to time.  He's quite a bit rigid in the water without them but isn't afraid to go under or get his head/face wet with them on, so we'll keep working on him.  Caroline was swimming unassisted at about 3 1/2 but we made her wear swimmies when we weren't in the pool (but still watching from the side) until she could touch so I think that might be what is in store for Piper.  I'm sure my little fish will just *love* that edict when it's handed down.

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Katie said...

Sounds like a movie/book title! Unsinkable Piper Chloe! She can be your inspiration to become the next JK Rowling.