Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Totally 2!

Oh Miss Piper, you are TOTALLY TWO!  I love this little girl to absolute pieces.  Yes, a two year old can be trying at times, but for the most part, I love it.  This age is one of the best.  The best way to describe her is full of bounces and giggles.  If she's not giggling, she's hopping and skipping around.  She loves being tickled and she loves to dance. Here's a photo of her telling you how old she is because, well, you know 1+1=2!

She doesn't realize she's only 2, she thinks she's one of the big kids and will try to do everything they do.  She's a little problem solver too - her latest trick is if she wants something out of her reach and there isn't a stool around, she just dumps out the nearest wastebasket, turns it upside down and uses it.  Lovely when it was full of trash.  She loves flicking lights on and off - hence the reason for the makeshift stools.  She must have socks on at bedtime and don't even think about coming into her room first thing in the morning without a cup of milk - you will get the evil eye and something nasty yelled at you in Piper language.

Even though she's not saying a lot of intelligible words yet, don't double cross her because she WILL tell mommy or daddy who did it - GaGa or Bubba!!!  She loves to sing and swing - at the same time and she can sing JUST as loud as Caroline, thank you very much.  She walks on her tip toes when she's excited and she loves to be tickled, especially by her daddy.

So happy birthday, my dear Piper - I know your year of 2 will be as memorable as your first two.

Oh and I went and read back over these entries last night and got all misty.  Reading the events of the day and remembering all that went on - along with everyone's blog comments - totally warmed my heart.

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Katie said...

Two is my favorite age. I don't think they are terrible at all compared to 3s,4s & 5s!