Saturday, July 31, 2010


Here's a link to the house we stayed in this week - aptly named "Sandpiper."  It was beautiful and I'd highly consider staying there again.  I don't say that every year and even though we've stayed in some great houses, there have been small things that I haven't liked.  This year's house fit the bill in so many ways - it was our first time staying in the Southern Shores area (just south of Duck) and we LOVED it.  I thought I was a tried and true  Nags Head girl but SS has it's charms too!  Either way, it's all on Route 12!

Carolina Designs - Sandpiper

We left the house before 7am and picked up a quick breakfast on the way off the island so it was like 7:30 when we embarked hoping to beat the traffic.  We kind of did but it was still slow going in Newport News and between Richmond and DC.  Kids were in crabby moods off and on and we had a mega Bryce meltdown outside a Williamsburg McDonalds.  Piper was quite cranky too.  We pulled into the driveway just before 4:30 which is over an hour after my brother who left at the same time we did - 3 little kids will add some driving time to your ride!

But we are all back and mostly unpacked.  Big news tomorrow - the fridge is supposed to be delivered.  I won't believe it until it's in my kitchen.  We had some minor drama about it long distance this week but I hope it's resolved.  My worry now is that it's going to be the wrong color or model.  Although if it's the correct model and wrong color, I'd probably suck it up.  It has been 3 months since this whole drama started.  I really miss my door filtered water, especially since the fridge at the beach had it.

More beach postmortem to come....

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Katie said...

Welcome home! I have to post a picture that Emily colored. It is of Caroline at the beach. I didn't tell Emily you were at the beach-- she just drew it on her own. How funny!?!