Thursday, July 01, 2010


My kids don't have much in the way of cousins (yet) so I'm glad they have each other, but thankfully they do have their Lydia.  Lydia is my sister in law, Kelly's, step daughter who lives in Florida.  She comes up at Christmas for a short visit and then for a few weeks in the summer.  Sadly, it just isn't enough.  (I can't imagine how hard it is for Kelly and Jesse!)  My kids, especially Caroline, adore her.  She's so good with them and just the sweetest  girl you could ever meet.   Last week she spent 3 whole days with them because her dad and Kelly had to work and instead of staying home alone, she came down with my IL's to be with the kids all day.  So while I feel like I didn't really get to see her, the kids definitely got a healthy dose of her.  At the end of last week Kelly and Jesse were off so they were doing all kinds of fun things that teenagers like to do and are continuing to do more of that this week before they go to Virginia for the weekend to visit Kelly's IL's.  That means no more Lydia until her next visit (Christmas, I hope!) and so they stopped by quickly on Tuesday evening on their way to the Orioles game so we could take a few photos.

Caroline thinks Lydia is wonderful and really wishes she had a big sister.  I wish she had someone like Lydia (or Lydia) around too.  Every girl could use a big sister type in their life!  I made sure to take a photo of just Lydia and Caroline because I know in a few weeks Caroline will really be missing her and having a photo together has always helped.  Safe travels, Lydia!  Come back to Maryland soon!

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