Thursday, July 29, 2010

Life's a Beach

Hard to believe we're already to Thursday. Basically we've been spending lots of time on the beach and by the pool. Kids are having a great time and enjoying lots of time in the sand. Bryce continues to be my "beach baby" kid since he's the one that can stay on the beach the longest without complaining. In fact, he was on the beach before 11am yesterday and stayed out until I came back after 4pm and that was only because I made him come back. Caroline does fine on the beach now (she's not scared like last year) but she would much rather swim in the pool or play with Barbies. eye roll But Piper is a little bit of a surprise. Last year, she was great on the beach. Playing in the surf, running around in the sand - so I expected more of the same this year. Nope. Her first foray down to the ocean resulted in an immediate face plant that must have scared the bejeezus out of her and has now made her too afraid to go anywhere near the water. She'll stand up where we have our chairs and umbrella and say, "No wa-wa!" Mostly she just plays with buckets of water and sand and eats everyone's food. I swear that child comes to the beach just to eat. She hears any kind of bag open or crackle and she comes running and is relentless until it's gone. I think she's a puppy sometimes.

Since we've been here I've been using a combination of my SLR and my old point and shoot since I'm not about to carry the big camera bag with my SLR to the beach every day nor will I just throw it in the bag. But last night we went back down to the beach after dinner to run around and take some good photos with my SLR on the beach since the light was good and the beach was nice and cool. The beach IS perfect at that hour and the kids were in great spirits.

We attempted to get a family photo but that was a bust with at least one of the children deciding that they wanted no parts of a family photo at the time we tried to take one.  (Bryce rolling his eyes, Caroline refusing to stand up or look at the camera, Piper making the goon face)  We succeeded at getting a good photo of each child with Jay and I by ourselves.  We also did the "launch a kid" thing that we did a few years ago with Caroline.  Piper LOVES to be thrown way up in the air, so she was not ready to be done when we were done with the photos.  

All 4 of the big kids got pretty sandy and wet and wanted to know why they couldn't go swimming and I tried to persuade them it was a bad time of day - you can't see the jellyfish and it's the time they tell you to avoid swimming because that's when sharks feed.  Ha ha ha ha!  

This is my favorite photo of the evening though - Zoe and Caroline are just soooooo pretty.  I'm sure the beach will be a much different affair in about 6 years.... I love how well they get along too - it certainly makes for a much more enjoyable beach vacation for everyone involved.  The "b word" (bored) has hardly been uttered this week so far - thank goodness!!

So, we've got 2 days left and perfect weather on tap so we might as we'll be sure to enjoy it.  So far we've been keeping the kids properly sunscreened although I got a little pink yesterday in a brief attempt at just a little sunbathing (with SPF 50 on!).  I am definitely NOT a lifeguard anymore. 

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Katie said...

Looks like so much fun!! Can Bryce's hair get any blonder???! And the girls look so pretty. Too funny about your suntan. I know I am old now b/c I cover up more in the sun. If I "sunbathe" I just get brown sunspots and freckles. Yuck! Enjoy the rest of your time!!