Sunday, July 04, 2010

July 2 and 3

Whew, it's only Saturday night of a 3 day weekend and I can't believe how much we've fit in!!

Last night, we started the weekend off down at the Island View Waterfront Cafe - it's like our little secret place. Got to sit right outside on the deck by the water and our neighbors joined us, which was even more fun. They have 2 girls, Sophia (5 1/2) and Ella (8 months), so it's a treat for the kids because they really like Sophia. Piper seems smitten already with Ella and wants to hold her - it's precious. Bryce chose to sit with the grown ups right away so that is when Piper decided she was going to sit with the big girls.  He has fun playing with Sophia and Caroline normally but I guess he didn't want to be at an all girl's table.  It was a beautiful evening and so nice to spend it with some adult conversation along with the kids having a good time.

This morning we headed south to meet Katie's new baby girl, Teagan.  She is just precious and seems to be fitting in very well with her big sisters.  The kids all played together well doing all kinds of costume changes and putting on some kind of "show" for us.  Even Bryce, the odd man out again, seemed fine.  Clearly he's not phased being the only boy right now - my brother was like that too.   Here are my favorite photos from the visit:

When we got home, I made it my mission to not be tempted to lay down on the couch and got the grocery list together and took Bryce to get everything we needed. Got home, made a tasty dinner and then headed back outside to play. Once outside, we saw Sophia and family out and the kids ran up the street. We hung out talking while Chris and Joe did some yardwork and then it got dark and the neighbors started a pretty darn good fireworks display! The kids were thrilled and Caroline seems to be over her fireworks fear. I wish I'd had my camera (I think Chris took photos) because the kids were so funny. Piper was doing everything the big kids were - clapping and saying "more! more! more!" We stayed out until almost 10pm! Even Piper who hadn't really had much of a nap. And of course they were filthy so we did super fast baths so they wouldn't get their beds equally as dirty.

And me, well, I just whipped up the cupcakes so I can make the icing in the morning and not be as rushed. We are going to my mom's for a 4th of July get together with family and good friends (Zoe and Taki!), so the kids are psyched. I'll make sure to take a few photos of my boy - he seemed to get the short even of the stick on my photos this weekend.


Heather said...

I'm tired just reading all about that good fun!

Bracken said...

You have posted pictures and blogged about theIsland View Waterfront Cafe before and it looks like a really nice and fun place. Especially being right on the water.

It sounds like you are going to need a weekend for your weekend. You are guys are packing it fully of family fun. Hope the rest of it is just as enjoyable.

Katie said...

Ooooo.... love that baby hair bow!

Bertie said...

Piper is just too cute in that bright pink dress and the added "tongue" really finished it off!
Baby Teagan has lots of hair just like her sisters...another precious little girl! Congrats to Katie and Landon.