Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fashionista In Training

Last night I took Caroline with me to Kohl's so I could see what they had left in terms of summer casual wear, specifically maybe a summer dress.  I generally never take my kids clothes shopping when I go for myself having many memories of hating it as a kid but Caroline told me earlier in the day that she wanted to go.  Weird.

So we went knowing that I was looking for clothes but Caroline was clearly just totally into the fashion scene.  She was picking out flashy clothes left and right and asking if they would fit her.  Um, no, we're in the women's section NOT girls!  I picked out a few things for myself and she picked out a couple of tops for me.  She also insisted she had to try on this leopard printed top with weird metal spangly things hanging off of the neck.  So we went into the changing room and she couldn't get her clothes off fast enough.  The top, a small, was obviously huge on her but she thought it looked beautiful.  She really wanted to buy it.  I should have taken a photo but given that a good bit of her was uncovered, I thought better of it.  But it was really funny.

She helped me decide on a few outfits and was a little disappointed when I chose not to get a specific dress because it just didn't feel right on, but she liked it.  She was thrilled though that the 2 tops I ended up buying were ones that she picked out for me.  Seriously, in a few years, she will probably be picking out a lot of my clothes which is good because I need someone with a little fashion savvy since my tastes tend to be so vanilla.


Heather said...

YOU would look FABULOUS in leopard print! ha ha ha!

Bracken said...

I am lovin' it. I do believe you have a fashion designer/actress in your family :> Hope you guys enjoyed your shopping and I am sure the clothes look fabulous on you.

I agree with your friend Heather, I am sure you would look fabulous in leopard print.....LOL HA HA.

Bertie said...

Caroline and I will need to put our heads together when she shops with you to get you from vanilla to fuschia with sparkles!!!!