Thursday, July 22, 2010

C-c-c-c-c-crazy Week

Omg, this week has been exhausting and it's ONLY Thursday and I haven't even started packing yet.  I'm tired now just thinking about it.  So here's my week so far and all of this is in addition to getting up at 5:30am to work out and then me staying up a little later than usual (10:45) because I'm totally absorbed in a book - this is why I don't read - I just can't stop!

Monday - Piper had her 2 year checkup at 9am.  My chunka chunka is just over 28lbs which is 2lbs heavier than Caroline and Bryce were at that age - she's also a smidge taller (but I can't remember how tall she is now).  Piper was my smallest baby at 7lbs, 13oz so it's funny to me that she's bigger than her siblings who were 9lbs at birth!  After her checkup, I took her back to my mom's and got to work around 10:30.  My boss is out this week so I have a few more emails than usual which means a busier week in addition to another staff member being out and having to manage the general email account that we share.  We meet back at my mom's for a quick dinner (thank you, mom!) and then head home where the kids and I make cookies for the beach.  7 dozen cookies and a big mess later, we are done and kids are in bed. 

Tuesday:  Go to work on time but leave a little after 3pm for Piper's first speech therapy session at home.  (It's within this day that we also had that annoying fridge debacle.)  The session went really well and the SLP gave us some really helpful ways we can help Piper.  To say Piper is resisting speaking is a bit of an understatement though.  She seems to enjoy the whining/crying method to actually uttering words sometimes. This is going to be fun....  Then after the session is over and we have dinner,  I pull the van out of the garage and properly wipe ever surface down inside.  How do things get so sticky??  Then I take out all the car seats and rearrange them.  Bryce has now joined Caroline in the back seat and we transitioned him to a booster.  Piper has been moved to one of the middle seats and is now sitting in the toddler conversion seat (that is still 5 point).  The seat she had been sitting in was an infant/toddler convertible that we liked very much but upon taking it out, I noticed that it had expired in 12/2007.  WTH?   (The whole car seat issue makes me so crazy, I could spit nails.  Aside from the fact that you transition kids through different seats, then you have to deal with the fact that the dumb things expire after a few years???  WTH???  And then the whole issue about most people not even having them installed correctly.  Seriously, we can send people to the moon but we can't come up with a better, easier way of securing our children in seats?  No wonder someone with less than average intelligence can't figure these things out - they're a nightmare.  Having 3 kids and 2 cars, do you know how many car seats we'll end up having had when we are finally done in a few years?  Especially considering the dumb things "expire."  Talk about filling up our landfills b/c you can't reuse the dumb things.  I'm not saying I don't want my kids in a car seat because clearly they are important and necessary, I just get mad at how convoluted the whole situation is with how often you have to transition them and then the fact that if you were to buy one that they could use from infancy to 65+  pounds, that the car seat will wear out before they grow out of it, how stupid is that?)  Okay, that rant is over..whew.

Wednesday:  Bryce has his egg challenge at the allergists at 2pm and rather than have to go all the way back home to get him and leave work even earlier, I decided to take him to work with me.  He had been wanting to go so he was looking forward to it.  Overall, he had a good day but there is a reason people don't bring their kids to work - they drive you crazy!!  He understood that mommy had to get some work done while we were there and even though I brought things for him to do and let him play on the computer, he wasn't interested.  He wanted my attention most of the time.  Thankfully, everyone in my office is as sweet as can be and loved talking to him so he gave me little breaks and would leave my office to go and chat.   In the five hours he was there, he had to visit the bathroom 5 times which gets a little tedious since I had to take him each time.  (He has his father's bladder.)  I took him out to lunch at Panera and he refused the kid meal and ended up having a bagel with butter.   He was a fun little lunch date though and it was nice just to sit and talk to him because Bryce = constant chatter.  Got back to work and finished up and we left for the allergist.  I had taken a piece of homemade french toast along for the challenge - a piece of Texas Toast soaked in an entire egg.  Something I'd done the last time (and ended up not needing) and the doctor said it was fine.  But, when I got to the office, the doctor wasn't back yet and his staff gave me a hard time that I didn't bring "just eggs" for the challenge.  "What if he reacts to something else in it?"

Um lady, it's made with bread, milk, cinnamon, and eggs - all things he has every day except for the eggs.  The other nurse jumped on the bandwagon too - I seriously could have slapped them.  But, as expected when Dr. S arrived, he said it was a-okay!  (This is one of the reasons I like this guy - he knows what he's doing and isn't uptight!)  So we started off with a small bite - no reaction.  Had another bigger bite - no problem.  And a 3rd HUGE bite, no problem.  Dr. S gave Bryce the all clear - we are food allergy free!!!!!  I don't even think I can conceptualize what that means yet.  Bryce was cute about it though and said, "Mommy, next time you tell me something has eggs in it, I will say 'I can have eggs now!' and then I'll eat it up!"  So we're all excited about his first breakfast out on Saturday where he can have whatever he wants on the menu!!

In the meantime, while I was at the allergist with Bryce, my mom came to my house and took Caroline to get her first "toe makeover."  My mom is a regular pedicure girl in the summer and wanted to get Caroline in on the fun.  Well, to say that Caroline loved it was an understatement.  She came out in the garage to greet me when she got home so proud of her pretty teal toes!  So we had the toe makeover excitement, the egg test excitement on top of the mounting beach excitement and you have highly over stimulated kids.  The rest of the evening was barely manageable with lots of fits, fighting and yelling.  I could tell they were all tired too.  (I was.)  Jason decided to mow the lawn when it became clear there would be no thunderstorm that night and I finished up dinner while the kids continued to complain.  By the time bedtime finally came around, I told Jason I was ready to take the kids back to the store I got them from because I was so frazzled.  Bryce and Piper passed out but Caroline basically screamed herself to sleep - which we are good at ignoring now.  She wakes up fine in the morning.

So today I am running out at lunch to get a few things we need at Target and I will probably stop at the library on my way home because, for heavens sake, I need a book or two for the beach.  Then I think we need to make a quick Costco run in there too.  The beach lists have started as well, so maybe I'll have the kids get their toys together they want to take tonight.  I have a feeling I'm going to be up VERY late tomorrow night.


Heather said...

I am tired just from reading that! Whoa! SO HAPPY for more bean brownies!! Ha! Have a great beach trip...can't wait to hear all about it...maybe I will have some news to share as well......

Katie said...

Food allergy freedom! Awesome! What's your secret, Brycey??? I hope you celebrate with a big-ole breakfast buffet-- eggs & french toast! Mmmmmm!

Erin said...

The carseat thing IS SOOOOooo annoying... especially when they expire but you know they have been well taken care of/stored/ etc... it killed me to get rid of our Graco infant seat. I only used it 7 months with Ben and 4-1/2 with Simon. The rest of the time, it was in our basement storage. But could I use it with this baby? No. SO stupid. I also had to get rid of our convertible seat that both boys used for the same reason. At this point, if you count the two I've had to get rid of, plus our current collection, we have had eight seats in six years. I do stick with those newborn-65 pound Radian seats now and honestly, I think I'll keep them all until each of the kids grows out of one and get rid of them systematically. Screw the expiration dates. The parts on the Radians are mostly metal anyway and apparently the problem with an aging seat is the degrading of the plastic from it being exposed to extreme heat/cold all year long.

And on another topic... Yay for no more egg allergy!!! That's got to be so liberating!!!