Sunday, July 11, 2010


Bryce can be so silly sometimes.  So we're silly right back to him.  I've told you before like to tease him about his name because he's so adamant that his name is JUST BRYCE.  So last week I told him we were changing his name to Bronco.  He laughed along with us all the while insisting he was just Bryce. We kind of forgot about it until last night at dinner when we started it up again.  (Jason also told Caroline her new name was Carbunkle and Piper's was Peetie.)  We really got into the Bronco thing and told him we couldn't wait to go to the beach and get him a "Hi, my name's Bronco" t-shirt.  He couldn't believe we could get such a thing.  I told him we can get a t-shirt to say anything we want.  That amazed him.

So if you want in on the joke, make sure to greet him as Bronco the next time you see him.  We're not calling him that regularly but the occasional, random "Bronco" is still pretty funny.

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