Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The B Word

There's a new "four" letter word at our house.  B-O-R-E-D

Caroline says she's bored ALL.THE.TIME. lately.  To the point she'll threaten us with "if I don't have something to do, I'm going to use the B word." Ugh. 

I really think it's developmental combined with the fact that she just finished her first year of day long school where she was used to being entertained every single second.  Granted, I think she's been bored in the past, she just didn't know how to express it nor was she bored as often. 

I think a lot of her boredom now, though, is a result of KNOWING what she wants to do and not being able to do it.  She's the most bored when she has something very specific in mind that she knows either we can't do or I won't let her.  The other night she was "bored" because I wouldn't let her go down to Joey or Sophia's houses and ask them out to play.  Her boredom was magically cured when Syeda came outside on her own and joined her on the playground.

Many times I try to suggest ideas for her boredom and often get squashed.  The other night I suggested doing a jigsaw puzzle we'd never opened just the 2 of us.  That lasted about 15 minutes and then she left me high and dry when she saw something outside she wanted to do.  Other times I'll suggest things that might sound like fun other times but are not the least bit interesting to her at the moment.

I've also noticed that just offering that I will play with her isn't as appealing as it once was.  Now she wants FRIENDS.  This is a definite change from last year where playing with mommy doing anything was a treat.  Oh how fast they grow.

Just so you're not worried about her, she's got LOTS of things to do.  In the past few weeks on her bored moments I've offered beading/jewelry making, fairy house making, playing mermaids (in my mom's pool), reading books together, sidewalk chalk drawing, bike riding, etc.  But just as quick as she is to say she's bored, she can be quickly distracted at the flip of a switch.

One night last week we were sitting on the deck steps and she was lamenting about how bored she was and how she missed her friends when she noticed Bryce and Piper seeming to have a jolly time playing in the sand table - something about what they were doing made her interested and off she went without another peep of boredom. 

How long before she can work a summer job?


Katie said...

I wish you lived close so C could play with Emily and keep each other entertained.

Unknown said...

Trust me, I have a 15 (almost 16) year old that says that "b" word all the time! Luckily next summer she can get a job!

Heather said...

They outgrow wanting to play with Mommy? Oh NO!!!