Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Chapter in our Fridge Drama

Seriously, I am NOT making this stuff up.

Last Thursday made it exactly 3 weeks since our new fridge was ordered and we were told it was on back order for 3 weeks.  So I called my friend, Al, at Lowe's to check in.  He said that it was still on order, but that it was listed as being in DC so it shouldn't be too much longer.  Again, I'm okay with that - it's not going to be much longer and the fridge is still working enough to keep things cold/frozen.

So last night as I'm wrist deep in cookie dough, the phone rings and Jason answers it.  After a couple of "okays" he hangs up and says, "The fridge is coming tomorrow between 9:30 and 11:30."   I asked if it was my buddy Al and he said he didn't think so.  I remember thinking it was quite odd that they didn't give us much of a choice about delivery but at this point, we just want the fridge so whatever.  I am already leaving early today to be home for Piper's first speech therapy session so Jason decided to go into work and then come home to be here for the fridge since my IL's were going to be taking the kids somewhere and with all this drama, we wanted to make sure it was one of us there to be sure everything was okay.  It's a good thing Jason was there.

They called to say they were on their way and when they got there Jason had already taken everything off of the fridge and out of the fridge/freezer.  So when the guys were ready to take it, Jason asked where our new fridge was.  "Sir, we don't have anything to give you."

WHAT???  All these contractors were told was to pick up our old fridge.  I don't think so. 

I immediately called my buddy, Al, and he said he has no idea who sent them because he was off yesterday and the fridge is not here yet and he said he will be the one to call us and SCHEDULE (not mandate) delivery.  (I told you I thought it was weird we were just kind of told to be ready instead of asking us.)  Anyway, Al thinks it was some kind of computer error and it just came up to pick up our fridge.  Maybe since they have it on record that our old one is broken that they didn't think we needed it?  In any event, Al said that it was fine to have sent the pick up guys away and that he'll be in touch as soon as the new fridge is ready. 

Clearly, this isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things and for all we've dealt with this so far, BUT, it just figures that nothing is going to be easy in this long,drawn out saga.  It's really been a comedy of errors and I'm just chalking it up to the bad karma that this old fridge had with it.  I'll be glad to get it out of my house.  If that day ever comes...

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Heather said...

Nice, so you could store all your food in coolers? What were they thinking? I can't wait until this drama is over for you!!!