Wednesday, July 14, 2010

10 Year Commemoration

Remember when I did this 3 years ago????  I clearly didn't get to do it in 2008 because, well, I had just given birth.  And then I just never got around to it last year, but this year, well, I did it again and this time with Piper too.

Caroline was totally game as soon as I mentioned it to her and as Piper sat on Caroline's bed watching, as soon as she took it off, Piper came running because she wanted to wear it too!  I was so excited - I was worried she wouldn't want to do it.

So without further adieu, my beautiful beautiful girls:

I haven't really Photoshopped them yet, but when I have time I will.  I made one that I took of Caroline 3 years ago all dreamy looking and it turned out so well my mom and MIL wanted 8x10s of it.  Caroline said we should get Bryce to wear the suit Jason wore in our wedding, but alas, I had to tell her it was rented.  Not that it wouldn't be fun to put him in one of Jason's other suits and take some photos.

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Katie said...

Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous!