Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Toothpaste Switcheroo

I hate the smell and taste of wintergreen. I cannot stand it in the form of cleaners and especially not anything I would put in my mouth like candy, gum or toothpaste. So a few months ago, Jason picked up our usual Colgate Total Whitening toothpaste at Costco assuming it was what we'd been buying - a nice white, peppermint paste. Wrong! It was a Colgate Total Advanced Whitening and it is wintergreen flavored. BARF!  It doesn't say it anywhere on the box.  (Trust me, I looked.)  But then the usual stuff we use doesn't say peppermint either.  I guess it's just assumed that any mint is okay in the toothpaste world, right?

Definitely not.

So Jason is using up the 3 tubes we got from Costco and I'm using my own peppermint flavored tubes - so we've got his and hers toothpastes to go along with our his and her bathroom sinks.  And quite often one of the kids will pick one of the tubes up and ask whose is whose, but since we keep them on far sides of the sink, it's not an issue.

But last night, I started brushing and almost threw up.  I had picked up the tube of toothpaste on my side of the sink without looking (the tubes look mostly alike) and someone had switched my tube with Jason's.  Right away I knew who it was - Bryce!  He had been in our bathroom earlier and again had asked which one was which.  Little turkey.  I spit it all out and started brushing with the correct tube but I still couldn't completely get that nasty wintergreen taste out of my mouth.  Blech. 

Although I guess the kids don't see the difference since they currently have FIVE different tubes of toothpaste on their sink. (They've gotten them as gifts and just HAD to open them and use them right away.)  I put them away and just let two out - Caroline likes the gels and Bryce likes the pastes - but somehow they all end up back out.  No wonder Piper is already picky about her toothpaste.

Toothpaste companies really need to do a better job of labeling their toothpaste flavors and giving it some snappy name like "Ultimate Fresh" or "Crystal Mint" tells me nothing - it's either wintergreen, peppermint, or spearmint.

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