Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Toothpaste Switcheroo Part Deux

Remember how I talked about someone switching mine and Jason's toothpastes?  Well, it happened again last night but this time I caught it before I put it in my mouth.  This morning as I was finishing getting ready for work and Bryce meandered in, I told him that someone had switched our toothpastes again and if he knew who did it. 

He got this devilish smile on his face and said, "How'd you know?" Basically owning up to the crime.

I asked him if he could please stop because Mommy hates Daddy's toothpaste and it makes her feel sick when she tastes it. 

"It does?!?!?" 

He seemed concerned so we'll see if maybe me explaining that it's not just a preference, it's me feeling sick upon tasting anything wintergreen, that maybe he'll think twice about it the next time.

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