Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Sillies


"Mommy, there is a big old stink bug up in my room.  You know, it's there next to the 3 drawer thing next to my desk.  It's laying on its back and it bought the farm.  Can you go get it?" (She used the term so nonchalantly - I love it!)

Bryce (in response to why he still calls us to help him in the bathroom):

"Because mommy, I can't see my butt.  I bet an owl could wipe his butt because he can see his.  Owls can turn their head all the way around." (He said this with the most serious face, like he'd really been pondering it.)

Caroline &  Bryce:
All 3 kids were at my mom's yesterday and when my mom returned downstairs after putting Piper up for her nap she walked into the kitchen to find every single cabinet and drawer opened and a trail of plastic grapes all around the kitchen.  (The kids love to play with them for some odd reason.)  The acted like they didn't know who did it.  Of course my mom, who thought it was pretty clever, stifled her laughter not wanting to encourage them to do it again but she did let them know it was funny and would not be as funny the 2nd time.  I know I would have had a hard time not laughing at such a novel practical joke - totally imaginative and not destructive.  (We had a good conversation about destructive vs. non-destructive practical jokes.)


Bertie said...

It was very difficult to not laugh!!! They were so funny and they giggled the entire time I walked around the kitchen (with my back to them so they wouldn't see me holding back the laughter)closing drawers and doors! They are so funny! What a great day.

Bertie said...

They are the brightest kids around!!!...I'm not prejudice or anything :-)