Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sock Hands

Every night before bed, Piper insists that you put socks on her. Even now when it's warm. I won't do it unless she "says" socks which doesn't always happen. (It's her version of "socks" but it's the right vowel sound and she gets the "ck" sound at the end, so we're getting there.)

Last week, she woke up around 10pm and when I went in, she was sitting up crying with both socks off but one sock was on her hand. No idea why. But now, every morning when I go in, there she sits with bare feet and a sock on her right hand. This morning I asked her if she wanted the other sock on the other hand and she did, which makes me think she'd put them on both hands if she was able to figure out how.

I couldn't figure out why she did this but I think one of the reasons is she likes to protect her little hands against her cold milk cup. Little princess. After changing her diaper and taking her downstairs and giving her the milk, she sat and watched Imagination Movers with Caroline with both socks on her hands shielding them from the "cold." (The cup is not that cold, Piper!)

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Heather said...

Sock puppets! Gretchen went through, what we nicknamed the "sock puppet stage" too...always wanting her socks on her hands!