Friday, June 18, 2010

Sneakers + Dress = Mom Can't Handle It

My MIL bought Caroline the cutest dress a few months back that she's been holding onto for a special occasion.  Caroline picked the dress out on a shopping spree with Nana and Aunt Kelly but because it's a halter style they kind of talked her out of it knowing she really couldn't wear it to school (well, maybe some kids would but not my kid).  However, she clearly loved it so much and talked about it after the fact so my MIL went back and got it for her and we decided together that giving it to her for the last day of school would be perfect.  She was very excited when Nana gave the dress to her on Thursday, especially considering she knows how much her teacher loves ladybugs.  I didn't give any thought to the footwear.  I should have.

I had planned to go into work late so I would have the enjoyment of taking Caroline to school on her last day.  When the time came for Caroline to get dressed I was relieved knowing that there would be no drama over what she was going to wear that day.  I was wrong.  I helped her tie the halter ties and got it all adjusted and she went and picked out a red head band because she always tries to make sure her colors coordinate.  Then I went downstairs to get the cameras ready.

Here's what she came down in:

Yep, those are Santa socks she's got on with her very roughed up, old tennis shoes.  Ugh.  Why the Santa socks?  Well, because they're RED of course, why else?  Duh.  And why the tennis shoes when she has several other options?  Well, if you don't wear closed toed shoes, you don't get to play on the playground equipment at recess.  (Most of the girls in her class clearly don't care about this rule or about not playing on the equipment because they wear dressier sandals or flip flops - gasp - to school.  Sidenote - I can't believe kids are allowed to wear flip flops to school, I know we weren't allowed and I certainly will NOT allow it!!! I also don't like this "open toe" rule thing because Caroline has athletic, LL Bean sandals that would definitely be fine on a playground, but I guess rules are rules.)

When she came downstairs in this get up, my MIL and I looked at each other and tried very hard not to laugh.  She looked adorable in that dress and the shoes just mucked it up.  We tried to make other suggestions. That was a bad idea.  Instant diva fit ensued.  Even my FIL, Big Dad, tried to persuade her.  I even suggested taking her tennis shoes along and changing into them for play time - nope, she says she wouldn't be allowed or have time.  Hopeless, so I gave up.

She did let me take a few more photos and you can see her bruise a little bit in this one.  (It looks much worse in person!)

So we went onto school where there were maybe 10 kids.  Caroline gave her teachers a potted marigold that she had helped grow herself along with a note that thanked them for "helping her grow" and a Panera gift card.  I wanted to get a photo with both Ms. M, the assistant, and Ms. R but Ms. M disappeared right before I took a photo.  So here is Caroline with Ms. R, Santa socks and all (taken with my old camera on some weird setting I didn't notice because I was trying to quickly take a photo).

Ms. R commented on how nice Caroline looked and how much she loved her dress.  But I especially like when Ms. R told her little granddaughter who was visiting for the day that  "Caroline always wears her tennis shoes so she can get on the equipment."  So clearly she understood Caroline's fashion choice that day - leave it to the kindergarten teacher.

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Heather said...

SO CUTE! In ten years she is going ask you WHY you ever let her wear those shoes! Ha! Gretchen has that dress too! Love it!