Thursday, June 17, 2010

PreSchool Conundrum

So the plan had been for Bryce this fall that we would cross our fingers that he would get into the public preschool program and if he didn't, he would continue at the daycare/preschool (CD) for half days.  I'd prefer that he got into the preschool program at Caroline's school so they'd both be at the same school but we would be okay with him continuing at C.D.

Well that changed this morning when I took Bryce in for his last day of school before summer vacation and Ms. S, the owner of C.D., told me that she's decided to retire and close CD, effective at the end of the month.  To be honest, I kind of knew that this was coming eventually since the woman who used to watch Piper, Ms. T, knows Ms. S and said it was just a matter of time.  I was kind of surprised she's doing it so quickly (2 weeks!) but since it doesn't affect us in the short run, I was okay with it.  I feel kind of bad for the other parents who do need daycare though.  However the CD numbers have been getting lower and lower recently and I know several of the kids are also taking the summer off so I'm not even sure there are many kids left after this week.  (But having lost daycare so suddenly before, I know how much that hurts.)  I'm kind of guessing maybe that she told some of these more directly affected parents earlier, at least I hope she did.

So now the big question, what to do about Bryce for the fall?  Do we explore a back up preschool option with the good chance he won't get into the public preschool?  I'm afraid if I do that then if he does get in, we'll end up owing them money due to a contract/space hold.  Plus, there's the stress of even finding a new place.  The good news is that I don't have to worry about Bryce not having childcare since my mom and ILs are there, but I know he needs something else outside the house!  I know if he was home 5 days a week, he'd be bored out of his mind!!!  Of course we could take the wait and see approach through the first 2 weeks of public school since that is often when they'll know that they have an extra space or two if one doesn't come open in the summer.  Poor Brycey - I know he won't like not knowing what he's going to do in the fall.  I had half a thought to just go ahead and send him to kindergarten since he's eligible for that by 3 days.  But looking at his school work, I just know he just needs a little more time.  I think he'd be okay but I think he would struggle.

The key is I'd need to find a place fairly close since I don't want my ILs to be driving all over the place when it would be just a few hours.  In addition, I don't want it affiliated with a church which several of the ones close by to us are.  I wonder if there are any Baltimore County Rec stones I've left unturned.  I wouldn't know since their website is down at the moment.  Don't they realize I have things to research?  How can their website be down right now???


Viv said...

You can call the ES can ask if he's in.... I did that with our school and even though the letters do't go out until the end of the month I've known for about 2 weeks that Kenzie got into our local school for the fall. Wouldn't hurt to give a call now or tomorrow before they close for the summer! Good luck!

Erin said...

Do any of the local schools have Tiny Tots in addition to the public pre-K? I know Ben's school has both... I don't think Tiny Tots has an all-day option though, so that might be an issue?

Heather said...

WAIT...don't send him to Kindergarten, boys especially need more time! Call the public school and tell them your problem with CD closing...since you are a parent with a child there already, you might be able to get some answers. Talk to someone you know--even Caroline's teacher might be able to find out for you.

Viv said...

I didn't mean send him to K - I meant for her to call to see if B made it into the PreK program. I too say no to K, why rush it!