Monday, June 14, 2010

The Playground Incident

My mom had Bryce and Piper today and when Caroline was done with school, she picked her up and took her to her house to swim. When I arrived at 5pm I was so surprised to see this big, red, bluish, lump on Caroline's left cheek! Apparently they were outside for recess and Caroline was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. A girl was pulling another boy around and when he fell, he fell into Caroline and his head banged into her cheek bone. When my mom told me who the boy was the first thing I said was, "Man, that kid has a HUGE head!" Figures the kid with the biggest head is the one who bonked her.

So totally and accident, I get that. But I guess no teachers noticed and the substitute that was there didn't think it was a big deal and didn't send her down to the nurse right away (according to Caroline). Had Ms. R been there I know she would have been on top of it. (Ms. R was out for an in-service, can you believe they are having them the last week of school??) Anyway, I was surprised because I've gotten calls from the nurse pretty much any other time Caroline has visited her for really lame things, so I was kind of surprised not to get a call about a rather large lump on her face that will definitely be bruised tomorrow.

Caroline handled it well though and told my mom she was a "trooper" and was just like daddy was a few weeks ago when he cut his leg working on the pool and didn't even notice. She complained a little tonight at bedtime that it hurt to smile so I gave her some ibuprofen. She told me I wasn't allowed to take any photos of her until it was better but then she smiled for this:

This photo really doesn't do it justice and it looks better now that some of the swelling has gone down but her profile looks a little odd (her cheek looks especially "apple-ish" and it has the obvious early signs of bruising).  Poor girl.  I hate hearing she got hurt especially on the day when her caring teacher wasn't there.  At least there wasn't an ER visit involved this time.

ETA:  This morning it was a black eye - not a bad one, but it's black/blue under her eye and on her cheek.  Poor girl!!!


Heather said...

WOW. Not fun. We send to the nurse for everything, so I am surprised no one sent her...end of year slack, I guess!

Oh, and I have heard of the kids being out of school for days and teachers have to have a week of in-service before their summer can start...ha! You really think they are paying attention???

Erika said...

Yeah, they usually send her to the nurse for practically NOTHING so I was surprised too that they didn't send her right away. I blame the substitute and the fact that when I talked to the nurse this morning, she said by the time Caroline came in, she didn't even seem bothered by it. Who knows????