Thursday, June 17, 2010

Piper's Beauty Treatment

Last night after dinner, I was cleaning up, Caroline and Piper were upstairs playing and Bryce was bopping around listening to his MP3 player to "Break Your Heart" for the 421st time.  It got very quiet all of a sudden and as Caroline was coming down the steps, Jason asked Caroline what Piper was doing.  She turned around at the top of the steps, said something I didn't hear to Jason and the next thing I hear is Jason leaping up the steps.  I followed quickly and saw the same thing Jason did, Piper kneeling on her changing table, her hand in the big tub of A&D Ointment and a big blob of the greasy stuff on each cheek.  All I could do when I looked at her was stifle my laughter, which I did, but I could NOT hide my smile. 

First of all, how in the world did she get up there?  But then I realized how, she'd found a random stool and helped herself up.  (She's been emptying trashcans left and right lately to use them as makeshift stools - I told you she was crafty.)  And then the fact that she'd gotten up there and went right for the A&D. 

Jason's first worry was that she had eaten some but I didn't worry about that because I can't imagine she'd eat much and even if she did, it would only end up being some nasty diarrhea since it's mostly petroleum.  Ew.  I have a very hard time NOT laughing at Piper most days between her animated facial expressions to the way she hops, dances, and prances around.  She's pretty much the most adorable thing I've ever seen.  Plus, when she's not in real danger, it takes the severity of the situation down a notch too.  (Like last night when we caught her climbing the humongous Ikea bookshelf in the living room - I had no laughter/smiling for that incident.)  Granted, I don't like smiling at her when she's done something wrong because I realize what a mixed message that is, but I think sometimes I have a hard time because I am marveling at the things she gets into and how innovative she is in her ways of getting there.  She's just so full of life and giggles - there is nothing serious about Piper.

So now I feel like maybe I need to keep her bedroom door closed to keep her out.  Yet another Piper prevention step to add to our closed bathroom doors, gates, and method of moving everything out of her reach.  (She really likes to root through Caroline's jewelry box and desk drawers - grrrr!) 

Thankfully the end result last night was just some oily cheeks that smelled like A&D for a while and a bunch of used baby wipes that she'd pulled out in her adventure.  I seriously wonder what we are in for with this little girl.  She's a handful to say the least.

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