Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Piper and the Pool

My dad and Jason finally got my parents' pool back online on Monday afternoon at 2pm.  After 20 years, the pool was in need of a new liner (the old one shouldn't have lasted that long but my mom and dad's excellent care extended the life!) and a lot of repairs on the shell.  Finally at 2pm, my dad declared the pool was open for 2010 and the big kids jumped in since Piper was still napping.

But when Piper woke up, watch out.  She went swimming last year but didn't seem that thrilled with the pool. She like splashing but wasn't thrilled with the cold water.  Total 180 this year....that little girl is destined to be a water baby and has NO fear.  None.  She got her cute little suit on and right away started jumping in to me.  And then when I get her into the pool it's like she doesn't know what to do.  She doesn't want me to hold her yet she doesn't know how to swim. She wants NO parts of swimmies, vests, swim tubes, etc.  She just wants to be in the big pool.  She's not too bothered by going under either - she'll come up, sputter, and clap for herself.

My mom got her a little blow up pool for the deck and while she did some splashing and playing in it, the big pool is definitely where it's at.  And why wouldn't it be?  She's watching her big sister and brother do anything they want to in the pool without mommy or daddy helping them.  I was in the pool with her for a while and then got worn out and of course she wanted no part of Jason catching her so she entertained herself by throwing things in.  Jason was right behind her and keeping her from falling in.

Then Jason went into help my mom with dinner and I decided to let Piper have some natural consequences.  I got in the pool with her for a bit longer and then got back out, which she didn't like but started up playing around the edge.  I warned her to get back but she didn't listen and finally after a few times, she went head first into the pool.   I jumped in and had her out in less than 3 seconds but she went completely under.  After that, I wrapped her up in a towel and it seemed that maybe the little incident did have an effect on her.

After that if you ask her what she did at Bertie's she'll say, "Wa wa" (water).  Then she'll touch her head and made a sad face and say "Ma ma" in regards to falling in headfirst and that mommy saved her.  She'll also say "Ga ga" sometimes too because Caroline was close by when it happened and had a hand on her by the time I got to Piper too so she got some credit for saving Piper.  Then Piper will say "Brrrr" talking about how she was cold and I wrapped her up in  towel right after that. 

I didn't like that she fell in the pool but I'm hoping that she'll eventually figure out she needs to exercise some caution when it comes to the pool.  We'll watch her like a hawk but with an older brother/sister who sometimes will leave a door open by mistake, you just have to be as careful as possible.  And the beach house we're staying in this summer has a pool so we're a little anxious about that already too. 

I really needed some photos from the kids first big swim of the summer but alas, I'd forgotten my camera.  Piper's new little black polka dot 2 piece is the cutest thing I've ever seen. 

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