Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oh the Fridge Drama!

Warning: Lots of use of capitalization ahead.....

So yeah, the fridge drama continues.  After the contracted service company came out again and brought the wrong part, AGAIN, I had HAD IT.  I called Samsung and let the customer service people have it.  After talking to the first person they transferred me to the manager.  They told me that we have to let the service company do their job.  To which I asked, "At what point do you deem the service company completely INCOMPETENT?"  That point got me transferred quickly up to Executive Customer Service!

I recounted the story briefly to ECS and within a few minutes she said they could put the paperwork in for our exchange!!  I was thrilled!  All we had to do was send them a copy of the receipt and they would work with Lowe's (where we bought it) to arrange the exchange.  I was on top of the world!  (Although worried because Jason couldn't find the receipt right away - he ended up finding it later that day in of all places, his wallet!  It had been there since September instead of in with all our other appliance receipts.)

So we send it in on a Friday evening and by Monday evening, we get an email stating that the exchange request has been approved!  YAY!  So we wait a few more days and we hear nothing, so I call Samsung again and his time I get sent right to the good old ECS and they say that they had sent the authorizing fax already but they would send it again.  (This was last Friday.)  I called Lowe's on Monday, still NOTHING.  I call Samsung again, they are faxing it again.  I called Lowe's today and nothing and this time I got a really nice guy at Lowe's - Steve.  Steve understood my frustration and asked for all my info and he was going to call Samsung and call me back.  Steve came through and said he got the authorization number and to come by the store tonight and work out our exchange.  Woohooo, right?


Jay and I get to the store and the first thing we notice is that our model is no longer on the floor.  (We have a black, French door style, bottom mount model with ice/water in the door.)  We paid about $1500 back in September for it. They still have a $1500 model but it has NO ice/water in the door.  The next model up that does?  $2200  SERIOUSLY, WTH?  We have to exchange Samsung for Samsung, so this is the only option and the sales guy says that it's supposed to be an "even" exchange and if there's a difference, we would have to pay it.  NO FREAKING WAY AM I PAYING $700 MORE FOR SOMETHING I ALREADY HAVE!!!!

So at this point I am visibly fuming and Jason is telling me to calm down - I could feel myself sweating I was so angry.  I don't really want the new model, I want my old model.  Water in the door is an absolute deal breaker for me and had we walked in the store that night to buy our fridge, I wouldn't have considered the $1500 model because it didn't have it and I wouldn't have considered the $2200 model because it was out of our price range.  I'd be happy to take a Whirlpool at this point but it's gotta be a Samsung since Samsung is footing the bill.   I just want a truly EVEN exchange.

The sales guy was very nice and could tell how irritated I was with the situation.  He looked at me and said, "I didn't tell you this but don't do anything tonight.  Tomorrow, call and talk to a manager and tell them the story and how you're getting shafted.  Sometimes they can't help and if they won't, ask to speak with a corporate manager and they'll help you get the right fridge without you having to pay more."  I thanked him and told him that's what I'd be doing.  Then he told me, "Not a problem, I'll see you when you come back to get this fridge (pointing to the more expensive one)."

Clearly he's more confident about this than I am.  Up to this point I've had no issues complaining and making it a point to Samsung to get this straightened out but now that I feels as though I'm haggling with Lowe's who didn't actually make the problem, I'm feeling more sheepish and anxious about it.   Honestly, if the difference in price was less than $150, I'd just suck it up, pay it and be done with it.  But $700 is a bit much to swallow. In addition, I know our model was still on the floor at Lowe's in May when we were there buying our dishwasher so had Samsung not been dragging this out so long, maybe I could have gotten my old model again.  Grrrrr.

So tomorrow morning I'll be haggling with Lowe's and hoping for some kind of capitalism miracle.  I'm going to impress upon them my point that this is absolutely NOT an even exchange.  I also plan to remind them that we are loyal customers and that we've bought several appliances from them over the years in addition to recently spending over $1000 on Pergo with them.  We've always had very good service from them and hope it continues.  I tell everyone to go to Lowe's for their appliances because we've had such good service as have other members of my family.

Wish me luck.  I can't back down now.  I need my water in the door back and a freezer that makes more than 5 cubes of ice a day.


BJ said...

What craziness! How did your call go today?

Heather said...

Go GET them! I was wondering about it since your last post...I think they should give you the $2200 one!

Erin said...

This is quite a saga!!!