Monday, June 14, 2010

Motherhood Moment

On Saturday the kids had been outside playing all day either in the sprinkler or the splash pool while Jason and I got tasks done around the house because we were having some friends and family over later in the evening.  Jason was doing his usual "man" work with yard work and running "man" errands while I was working on getting the first floor presentable and getting things ready for dinner - all of that in between constantly feeding the kids, watching said children from inflicting bodily harm on one another, and cleaning up the kitchen over and over between food sessions.  By about 3:30pm when yet another snack was requested (after 2 snacks and lunch earlier), I was at my limit and told them they needed to come in and get dressed and take a little break.  Both Caroline and Bryce were tired and I knew they just needed to chill inside for a bit.  I went upstairs with the expressed intention of getting Piper changed right away since she only had a swim diaper on and we all know that swim diapers only hold in poop.  As I got up the stairs I was taken away from that task as Bryce was throwing a mini-fit about what to wear and needed "help."  Took care of that and then was about to look for Piper who had run away and then got sidetracked by Caroline. At this point I had to pee - had had to go for a while but kept putting it off to manage something for the kids.  I ran into my bathroom and there was Piper, standing in a puddle of her own urine.  Lovely.  So not only was I not allowed to go pee myself, I had to clean up HER pee.  Man.  Fortunately, she stood still and I got her suit and the swim diaper off of her and quickly mopped up the floor.  (I'll clean up baby pee on the floor any day over poop.)  Then I diapered her and finally was able to go to the bathroom myself. 

Seriously, this is the kind of stuff that makes me berserk.  Although I was laughing the whole time I was cleaning Piper up until Caroline was trying to come in and gawk and narrowly missed walking through it in her socks.  Seriously, make the mess bigger why don't you?  Thankfully, I'm able to hold my pee longer than my kids.  But this is just the epitome of motherhood - you put your needs off to help your kids even the most urgent ones sometimes.

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