Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lowe's = Great

Seriously people, if you need to make an appliance purchase, I encourage you to use Lowe's.  They proved to me again today that they value their customers and are quite reasonable to work with.

Anxious and feeling a little sick, I picked up the phone this morning to call Lowe's and speak with a manager.  I got the manager on duty, Joe, and explained the situation.  He listened and when I was done he said he absolutely understood the issue and wanted to find out all the details and then would call me back.  He did so a few minutes later and told me that they were authorized for a store credit so it didn't have to be a Samsung exchange but he would check with the appliance expert and get back with me later with my options.  At this point, Jason and I were thinking that we'd be willing to cough up a few more bucks to upgrade to a non-Samsung fridge.

So around noon, I got a call from my buddy, Alan, in the appliance department (same guy who told me last night who to call and that he was sure he'd talk to me again).  Turns out, Alan knows darn well what he's talking about.  As soon as he identified himself he said, "I told you that we'd be talking again about getting this fridge delivered!"   Sooooooooo, they are upgrading us to the "better" Samsung model for FREE!

Here's what we currently have: September 2009 fridge

And here's what they are giving us:  July 2010 fridge

(The main differences are that there is now a 2nd ice maker in the bottom drawer and they moved the meat drawer down under the veggie drawers and made it extend the whole width of the fridge.)

I'm fine with staying with the upgraded Samsung because we honestly believe we just got a bad model with the one we purchased because if you scour the internet for Samsung fridge reviews, you really can't find any truly bad ones.  (And they've gotten all these awards recently.)  The only "bad thing" is that the fridge is on back order for 3 weeks.  Alan seemed a little worried to tell me that but I wasn't bothered at all.  We've been waiting this long already so what's a few more weeks when we KNOW it's coming.  I just hope it comes before vacation.  Fingers crossed on that.

I told Alan that I wanted to quickly just check in with Jason about this before giving him the official go ahead and since I happened to be out, I stopped by the store to let him know that we would definitely take the offer AND to buy the 4 year extended warranty!  I felt good doing that for many reasons for my own peace of mind and because that money goes to Lowe's and NOT Samsung.

I still won't believe it until it's in my kitchen.  Fingers crossed the current fridge just keeps doing what it's doing now (keeping food cold) even if it's not making ice or dispensing water.


Viv said...

GREAT NEWS! Glad you won your battle! I've dealt with Steve & Joe when we bought all of our new applicances (6 total) last summer (had issues with dishwasher being delivered damaged) and they are really great! We love Lowe's for everything! (too bad only Home Depot carries the Disney line of paints!)

Heather said...