Sunday, June 27, 2010

Caroline the Robot?

On Friday morning, since I was off, the 4 of us "slept in."  At 7:30, I started to hear some rumblings around the house but no one was crying or yelling, so I let it go.  Finally just before 8am, I heard Piper so I went in and changed her and headed downstairs knowing that Caroline and Bryce were already up downstairs.  As I got to the top of the steps I was greeted by a smiling Caroline at the very bottom of the steps, all dressed, watering can in hands:

"HI MOMMY!!!!  I got up, got dressed, pulled back my hair, ate my brefixt [sic], cleaned up my room, cleaned up the playroom, picked up toys in the family room, and now I'm going to water the plants on the deck!!"

And off she went!!

Who was that child???  So happy and READY TO GO?  We have a sign posted in our kitchen that posts the kids' morning schedule for the summer that involves getting them ready to go for the day and little chores they need to do around the house.  Apparently on Friday, Caroline was feeling extra motivated and got everything done by 8am instead of 10am!!

Whew.  Of course, when I finally caught her I told her how proud I was of her and how much I enjoyed her happy face that morning.  I especially love it when I don't have to tell anyone to pick up their toys or do their chores.  If only every day was that easy, but then it wouldn't be such a treat when things like this happen.


BJ said...

That is a wonderful thing to wake up to. I giggled when I saw how you wrote breakfast because that is how Sydney says it.

Heather said...