Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bed Partners

When Jason and I go to bed most nights, one of us will look in on the sleeping older two kids (Piper sleeps with her door closed and we are NOT chancing waking her up by opening it!). But on Monday night, neither of us did. You can imagine Jason's surprise on Tuesday morning when he went in to get Bryce up and there was no Bryce in his bed. Thinking maybe he'd already gone downstairs he walked out of his room and peaked in on Caroline - there was Bryce has he had been all night. Somehow they had been quiet enough to not alarm any suspicion from us downstairs while we were still up and fell asleep quickly. Honestly I was very surprised because when they've attempted this before they've either ended up fighting or carrying on so much that we knew something was going on. But not on Monday night, on Monday Caroline invited Bryce in and they settled down quickly. Apparently there was some "opera" singing according to Caroline but that must not have been very long or loud because we never heard it.

Of course now they want a repeat. Honestly, if they did exactly what they did on Monday where they settled right down and slept the whole night, I wouldn't mind, but the chances of that happening again are very low. Last night I caught him in her room again and they had scattered all these magnets all over Caroline's bed and were laughing hysterically. They keep asking when they can do it again and I said definitely NOT on a school night but that excuse is about to run out! I'd like to tell them that if they can do exactly what they did the other night, I'd be okay with it, but then they'd want to try it every single night.

I told Caroline that I think Monday night was a fluke (and then had to define fluke) and that it would be something better saved for vacation (when they'll share a room) or weekends. I still have to figure out bedtime for the post-school nights. I'm still about getting them into bed by 8:30 but I'm thinking maybe of letting them have what they call "brother/sister" time until 9pm where they can read quietly in their beds together. We'll have to see how it works out since they won't be getting up as early.

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