Saturday, June 26, 2010

2T to 3T

Both Caroline and Bryce have been "true to size" so far - well after they both overcame their 9lbs at birth and not really fitting into too many newborn clothes.  After that, they leveled off and wore the clothes that coincided with their age - you know, 6 months, 2T, etc.  Although there have been plenty of time where they both have worn clothes past the "age limit."  Bryce currently only wears 4T shorts even though he's much closer to 5 than 4.  Caroline can wear sized 6 shirts but most sized 6 bottoms (shorts/skirts/pants) fall off of her unless they have those handy dandy adjustable waists.  I'll probably get 5T clothes for Bryce for fall knowing he won't fully grow into them for a few months after his 5th birthday, if then.

And then there's Piper - my smallest baby at 7lbs,13oz who is currently my biggest kid.  I have out all of Caroline's 2T summer clothes and am finding that Piper is starting to outgrow them!  The shirts are getting too tight, the shorts too short!  Although if you look at her, she's not truly even chubby, she's just solid.  She looks so cute in those Carter's "bubble dresses" that I had Caroline in at the same age.  On Caroline at this age, they still looked like just really short little dresses, on Piper they look like she forgot her pants.  (Although her legs are so cute, they still look pretty adorable on her, I just don't take her out in them like I did with Caroline.)  All the 2T undershirts she has are WAYYYY to small for her already too, so this morning I went down and pulled out a bunch of Caroline's 3T summer clothes.  3T for my baby that isn't even 2 yet.  Sigh.  Piper was THRILLED to see Caroline's old pink cowgirl boots and pink canvas sandals that I brought up with my spoils from the basement voyage.  I also found a bunch more summer pajamas and bathing suits/cover ups too.

What size will she be wearing NEXT summer?  Goodness.  I'm not used to this.  I already said I thought she was going to be my tallest kid too.  Caroline is already getting into the little girl skinny period with long legs much like her Aunt Kelly and Aunt Chrissa had at that age so it makes me wonder what Piper is going to look like.

The other sad thing is the 3T stuff is less baby and more little girl which I'm having a hard time with because I love the baby stuff.  (Not that I want another one because I definitely do NOT.)  It's just that Piper is my baby and it's hard letting that stuff go.  But in spite of all that, I think Piper might just grow up without my consent.

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Viv said...

My darling little Victoria (AKA the one with the Buddah Belly) who just turned 3 is wearing 4T clothes and Makenzie (4 1/2) is in 5T - I can't wait for the day when they are wearing the SAME SIZE! (Kenzie is tall but Tori is on track to be taller and with her little belly - she needs bigger clothes to cover) Yikes!