Friday, June 18, 2010

2 Year Birthday Ideas

Oh man, it's almost Piper's birthday and I have very few ideas for the child. Honestly, I'm not too concerned about a gift from us since she's so little, won't care, and I have an idea or two but I know my parents and my ILs will want to buy her some things as loving grandparents always do.

When Bryce hit 2, it was easy. He was a boy and he had boy likes of things we didn't have. Now that Piper is 2, she has more toys than she can play with. She's all of a sudden into the old Dora/Diego stuff that Caroline got for her 2nd birthday and was fanatical about. Piper also frequently plays with the same tea set that Caroline got for her 2nd birthday. Again, what do you get a child who has exactly what you would have gotten her?

The only ideas I have are a new pair of Crocs (the ones she has might not fit her all summer) and a new, thicker beach towel. She has a nice beach towel now but I think she could use another, more plush one, especially with as often as they use towels on a pool day.

Other than that, I've got nothing. I mean, she would probably love some more Olivia books and she might need fall clothes (probably not?), and she'll need new fall shoes but I think it's too early to buy them based on her unknown foot growth potential.

I'd love to get her something that makes her super happy and squeally like she was at Christmas but I have no idea what that would be. Nor do I think she really needs any more toys, for goodness sake! We've got toys in the basement she's never even seen like the Little People Zoo - that will be a huge hit or the Little People Carnival. She likes LPs, but we have oodles. Maybe just take a collection for her new bedroom set that she's inevitably going to be needing in the next year or so since she's probably heading into her last year of the crib. (Although I'm not rushing that, just going by the fact that she climbs on everything else, why she hasn't figured out the crib yet, I'm not quite sure.)

I know one thing she needs badly. A haircut! But I'm afraid they'll cut off too much. But she's also starting to grow a mullet so I have to make a decision before I end up with a 2 year old with a shaggy mullet.


Heather said...

We bought Gretchen a sand & water table for her 2nd birthday. She LOVES it occupies her for hours. And, in the winter, you can bring it inside and fill it will dry pasta or beans.

Viv said...

There's a new Olivia book out my friends just told me about something about Olivia and surfing......... that might be good since you are a beachy-family!

And I hope you didn't just jinx yourself about the crib climbing!

Erika said...

Sand and water table is 5 years old - well played with and enjoyed OUTSIDE. It's hard to find an idea we don't already have. And don't say frogs, Heather!!!

Bertie said...

Think someone will shame you out of Baltimore if she has any traces of a mullet or hair growth that is longer in the back than the sides? :-) Don't sweat the small stuff....
Love ya!

Heather said...