Thursday, June 24, 2010

17 months

That's the level Piper was assessed at for her Infants/Toddlers screening today for expressive speech and articulation.  17 months is key because in order to qualify for services with the state of Maryland, you have to have a 25% delay - which is pretty much exactly what Piper is at.  (She tested right on target for all the other assessment areas including areas of social, cognitive, physical development, etc.)  So while no mom wants their child to experience any kind of difficulty in development, I'm a little relieved that she qualifies now so we can start speech therapy.  (A neighbor had her daughter tested and she tested one month "too advanced" to qualify so while a small delay, it's not enough for services.)

The 2 women that came to the house (a special educator and speech-language pathologist) were wonderful!  Piper certainly liked them and entertained them.  It was also a relief to hear that my concerns about her speech were valid and not just me being overly concerned.

Now we'll wait to meet with the coordinator and develop our plan for Piper's therapy.  The SLP told me she thinks Piper just needs a little jump to help her get going because right now she's not stringing any words together  which is indicative of the fact that she doesn't have many words and that stringing words together typically happens after you have about 35 words in your vocabulary.  Who knew? I'm sure once they get her speaking more, the next issue will become about actual articulation since I already kind of think maybe she will have some issues with that based on the way she says certain words already.

So all in all, it was a really good session and I'm looking forward to helping Piper get on track with talking!


Viv said...

She's such a smart girl and before you know it you'll be wishing she would "sssshhhhhh" - I bet she'll be a little chatter box! :)

Heather said...

Wonderful! I am so glad the SLP was great. Yay! She'll be talking up a storm in no time.

Katie said...

Glad she is on the right track with therapy. My niece, Haley, needs to be evaluated. She's 2 1/2 and barely says anything at all.

Erika said...

K, it's a state of Maryland program that is managed by each county. It ends for intake at age 3 so DEFINITELY recommend they have her screened before she's 3 because if she qualifies, the therapist will come to your house. Also, it used to be at age 3 they moved you to going to a local school for therapy and now it's up to the parent whether they continue as it is or go to the school.