Sunday, May 23, 2010

Talent Show

Friday night was the 1st annual talent show at Caroline's elementary school.  Tickets were $2 each to benefit the Johns Hopkins Children's Center.  Shock upon shocks, the event sold out just per notice sent home in kids' take home folders, so I was very glad that I had sent my money in as soon as the notice came home because Caroline and Bryce had been looking forward to attending since they first heard about the event.  I was thrilled just to know that many people at her school cared given some apathy we've noticed in the past.

The show started at 7pm but we arrived by 20 of and ended up with front row seats.  We ended up sitting next to the mom and little brother of one of Caroline's classmates who was one of the performers.  The show started right at 7pm with a big group of the teachers doing the "flash mob" dance to the Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling."  It really set the stage for how excited everyone was and how into it the teachers and staff were.  Again, something so nice to see for C's school.  (I've always been very happy with the staff, so really this shouldn't have surprised me too much, but it was great for all the kids and parents in attendance to see.)

The show included kids of all ages (K-5) singing, dancing, rapping, and telling jokes.  My only suggestion for next year would be to not let any kid(s) do an entire song, but do just 1/2 or 2/3 of it.  What is funny and novel for the first 2 minutes is not when you get to the 4 minute mark with a minute or so to go.  They really could have cut down the MC Hammer performance or several of the singers' performances.  But, some of the dancers were very entertaining - especially the boys showing their Michael Jackson moves, complete with one shiny glove.  (I think there were 6 performances that included Michael Jackson songs!)  Caroline's favorite performance of the night was by a 5th grade girl named, Breanna, who sang "Mamma Mia."  Caroline had met Breanna when her class sang to her class the week of standardized testing and Caroline was enthralled.  A very pretty girl that I think Caroline completely idolizes and a decent singer/performer.  Caroline is now pretending that Breanna lives with us and keeps telling me she is going to ask Breanna to be her friend.

Caroline and Bryce's favorite performance other than that was the kid who got up there and told some jokes.  Corny jokes to an adult but to a kid, HILARIOUS.  In fact, Caroline and Bryce enjoyed each of his jokes so much that they were laughing hysterically and therefore causing everyone around us to laugh really hard.  Laughter is definitely contagious.  We keep hearing his jokes over and over now because they were so funny to my kids.

So of course now, Caroline is preparing herself for next year's show and what she will sing.  She got to see a girl from her class sing and another boy dance, so she really thinks she can do it too - and she probably will.  It's only a matter of time before she's asking to try out for American Idol (or whatever talent show is is the big one to be on in a few years).

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