Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sprinkler Evening

Nothing makes a sultry, almost summer evening better than a romp through the sprinkler!  I love this photo since both C and B have their tongues hanging out - a requirement for sprinkler running, right?

This was Piper's first sprinkler experience (I think) and she just watched her older siblings and did whatever they did.  She did a lot of yelling too every time she got water in her face, but she didn't let that stop her.  After they'd been running for a while, they decided to take a little break on the sun warm concrete:

Of course Piper had to do that too. How's that for a bathing suit shot? (Don't you like the Crocs? I knew her tender little feet needed protection and she didn't seem to mind.)

This is what the four of us did while Jason finished up the unexpected task of cleaning out the garage.  Why was he cleaning out the garage?  Well, he found another Black Widow but this time in the garage (last time it was out by the kids' swing set.)  Seriously, what the heck Mother Nature?  This is the 3rd Black Widow we've found on our lot in the 7 years we've lived here.  Jason did a little research as to what their webs and   egg sacks look like and went to town with the shop vac moving everything out and sucking up every spidery web he could find since apparently Black Widows are known to live in clusters and he didn't want to chance that there were any Black Widow babies coming.  Ew.  As long as we don't find them IN the actual house, I think I will survive.


Katie said...

Great shots! Scary about the BW spiders!

BJ said...

Love the last photo of Piper where she is lying on the towel. Such a precious photo. Her smile is so cute.