Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Speech Update

So we finally have Piper's assessment dates set up.  The woman who will do the assessment will come to our house next week to do all the paper work in early June and then will revisit us for the actual assessment in late June.  I'm planning on sending the two older kids up to my IL's the night before so that it's just Piper and me at the house that morning.  Nothing like 2 curious siblings to foul things up.  And if she's deemed eligible for services, she'll receive therapy at our house.  I believe that up until age 3 they do it at our house and after that they "farm" it out to the local school systems (which is what our neighbor did) where they have a speech pathologist on staff. 

Piper has been working very had to say a few new words - she makes a real effort to actually say the word "more" now and while we praise her every time she uses it, it's pretty obvious she has to concentrate to get it out.  As much as I love the way she says it, it kind of makes me a little sad that it's such an effort to say such a simple word.  She's also been mimicking words a little better lately too - last night I got her to say her version of "socks." 

Oh and Katie, Piper says shoes the same way Lucy did - "ish."  I wonder why that is?????

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Heather said...

Have you had her hearing checked?