Thursday, May 13, 2010

Speech Assessment

Piper will officially be 22 months old tomorrow and given the fact that she only has about 10-15 "words," I decided to have her evaluated for a speech delay.  I have all the wonderful Speech-Language Pathology graduate assistants in my office to thank as well for all their advice and knowledge on the topic.  Baltimore County offers free assessment through their Infants/Toddlers program and knowing what I know about language development, the earlier we get her into a program, the better. 

Thankfully, I know that speech seems to be her only delay as she's ahead of the curve when it comes to physical development, fine motor development, and cognitive development.  I'm amazed at how steady her little hand is when it comes to stacking things and how easily she climbs pretty much anything she wants.

I think because she's not talking that much, it makes her seem even younger than she is.  (And of course, she's my baby!)  She is using a lot of signs and has a way of making it known what she actually wants.  The looks she gives me sometimes are just priceless and I know I've gotten pretty good at reading her expressions. 

I'm supposed to get a call in the next 2 weeks to have someone come to our house to do the actual assessment which should be interesting considering how interested Caroline and Bryce are in new people coming to the house.  A few weeks ago one of the School Psychology graduate assistants came to my house to conduct an intelligence test on Piper for a class project and the older kids thought it was the coolest thing to have a new person in the house and just wanted her to play with them.  Caroline even drew her a picture and told her how much she liked her after only knowing her for about an hour.  Depending on when the assessment is, we might have to see about getting the older 2 kids out of the house for a bit.


Lisa :) said...

My son was in the Infants/Toddlers Program in Baltimore County and continued with a Speech teacher from pre-k until 3rd grade. The root of our problem was the fact that he was not hearing the way he should and that delayed his speech. He had tubes put in and started working with a speech pathologist and they were wonderful.

Heather said...

Great! Let me know how it goes! I agree, it could be a hearing issue. Has she had ear infections?

Katie said...

I wouldn't have guessed she had any speech issues. Post on what they find 'cause I'm curious. My niece Haley doesn't speak much at all and she's over two. They think it is a twin thing.

Erika said...

Nope, not a single ear infection. (I think Bryce and Caroline have each only ever had one - we're not an ear infection family, thankfully!)

We're pretty sure her hearing is fine based on a number of things. I wonder how much her speech has to do with being the 3rd child since I know a few people (my BIL specifically) who had issues with getting their youngest child to speak. Either way though, I'm not going to let it go and anything I can do to help her before it becomes a problem. Plus, the assessment is free and there's a good chance she might be able to get speech therapy at Caroline's elementary school. (A neighbor child has been going there for a few years.) So we will see.

Bertie said...

So glad to hear you are getting this assessment through Infant and Toddlers. IT's a good program and this is certainly the time to start. Yes, I think getting the big kids out of the house will be needed since they will want to "talk" for her :-)
Piper has been doing her own thing long enough :-)

Erin said...

Glad you are getting the assessment... since it's offered and it's free, why not? However, I honestly wouldn't really worry about her speech. I think you had two rather early verbal kiddos. Ben and my niece both were more in the range of where Piper is now... Just after two was when the two-word phrases and words really took off with both of them. Also, didn't she walk early? (Ben and my niece both walked at 8-1/2 months and I've always heard kids do one or the other...)